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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Ice-cream sundae: ice cream served with a topping

In this country we'll be damned if we have to spell words correctly. There's drive-thru, niteclub, donut and probably half the words in this blog (I have a bit of a spelling/grammar problem). Sundae is no exception. However delicious a 5-scoop behemoth topped with peanut butter sauce, hot fudge, whipped cream and Reeses Pieces is, it doesn’t change the fact that sundae isn't quite spelled the way one would think.

I hate to be the bearer of boring news but the word sundae doesn't have it's root in some extremely interesting story, but rather a guy with a good idea and healthy fear of God. George Giffy owned an ice cream parlor in Wisconsin back in the 1890s and business was booming. In that white bread world his most popular treat was, obviously, a dish of plain vanilla. But when a customer notified him that pouring on a little chocolate sauce enhanced the taste, Giffy struck gold. Soon the whole town had jungle fever and wanted a little taste of the dark with their white. The problem was he needed to charge 5 cents more for this new treat.

In steps God. Giffy decided to trick his customers by only selling the concoction on Sundays to the after-Church crowd. So why would he name the dish a sundae instead of a >i>sunday. Simple, he didn't want to offend anyone by being blasphemous. Thus was born the greatest creation in the annals of history, the sundae.

A sundae or, as I like to call them, "frozen orgasms."
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