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Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Run Amok
Wildly; without self-control; in a murderous frenzy.

Is it just me, or is opium just about the greatest thing since the written word? I mean, c'mon, who doesn't love opium, right? People love the ummms so much there was even a war about a century or two ago. And what a coincidence, our term today - run amok - has something to do with opium!

It's the 1500's and Portuguese traders are raping there way across the world. During one stop in Malaysia the trader/rapers saw some local Malaysians running through the streets wildly, hitting people and screaming. "Sacre bleu!" screamed the Portuguese traders. The Euros described their behavior using the Malay word, amog, which translates to "engaging furiously in battle." Apparently when Malaysians fought they would work themselves into a frenzy beforehand - with a little help from the ol' hashish - and then charge wildly into the fray. Fighting stoned is an excellent idea, especially if you like giggling and bleeding.

Anyways, what the Portuguese sailors didn't realize about the group of unruly Malaysians was that they had all smoked a bad batch of opium. That was what was causing them to go tearing through the streets like madmen. The Portuguese got home, told the tale and, eventually, amog became amok. God bless you, lazy English tongue.
Look at these fucking wild lunatics!
Thanks for the update Streeter! I feel smarter already :)
that's my nigga Streeter.. bring that real white vocabulary knowledge to you motherfuckers.. one!
um why are the portuguese guys speaking french?
deal with it
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