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Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Indication indicates either a safe or secure condition.

Perhaps no term in the English language has as many supposed origins as OK. Wikipedia lists 11 separate possible explanations on how we got our favorite little term for saying 's'all good.' For the sake of time - and the fact that it's 7:30 in the morning and I don't feel like typing all that much - I'll give you a brief rundown of them all and leave it up to you to decide which etymology you agree with.
There you have it, a bunch of theories about where we got our little term OK. But no matter which one is the true source one fact about OK remains: it is the most recognized and understood term on the planet...right before McDonalds, Disney World and Bush.
now where did people get the sweet idea to write it 'okay' then?

the same way motherfuckers thought it would be cute to type ell oh ell when they read that gay shit they moms forward to they inbox... white motherfuckers tryna be all clever and shit has got the whole world in some serious trouble way to many motherfucking times.

like that grunge band some long haired white motherfucker you knew from highschool started.. "OK" is motherfucking mad popular in Mexico or Trinidad or wherever the fuck. I mean, whereever they got brown people selling bags of fruits in flannel shirts and cutoff suit pants, every other motherfucking word you gone hear is "OK".

Streets right bout that shit being the most recognized shit. one on that.
I heard British soldiers brought the East Indian "Hokay" home and it was spread by soldiers in WWI.
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