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Friday, August 04, 2006
Putting an accused person to death, usually by hanging without a lawful trial.

While vigilante justice is nothing new - after all, it was the only kind before courts, police and superheroes were invented - the term Lynching is fairly recent. Most people associate lynching with the crimes carried out against black people in the 20's and 30's but it used to apply to much broader, and a little less horrible, practice.

It all started around 1780 when citizens of Pittsylvania County, Virginia got sick of all the criminals running around. They were far away from the courts and any semblance of civil authority. In steps Captain William Lynch who drafts a series of laws now known as Lynch Law. The gist: if we think you're a robber, we're going to inflict justice ourselves. Simple as that.

Interestingly, Ol' Willy wasn't a fan of the noose and instead preferred the punishment for caught criminals to be 39 lashings. Only later did hanging become part of the greater lynching family. Personally, I'd prefer to be tried by a jury of my peers but I guess that's just me...
I saw the motherfucking headline and ready to light a nigga up on these comments but for serious, its good to know that some white motherfuckers got theirs too.

"big eddie ed"

you are not only suffering from mental retardation but also a lack of something called "life."
Oh shit, B.E.E.! Are you gonna take that shit?
anonymous, how could you know that big eddie ed suffers from a lack of a life if you do not also suffer from the same condition and have the time to be reading his comments (disclaimer i fully admit to having no life which is why i have time to make comments on this blog)
I comment on this blog not because I have no life, but because I adore Streeter Seidell and his sense of humor. He's my pseudo-webceleb that I like to follow. Much funnier then Amir.
Emily, thank you for the kind words. I will make sure Amir is aware of your feelings, that sniveling Jew bastard. Maybe if he wasn;t out starting every war he'd have time to hone his craft. It's sad, really...
like "emily" said, some of us have a life, we just choose to visit a few websites daily, and in the process come across some morons.

take your white motherfuckery elsewhere nigga.. i mean GOD DAMN.. a nigga try to learn a few motherfucking words and all sudden these white motherfuckers gotta get all outa sorts. be easy white people. negroes is harmless.


I'm just bullshitting you white boy.. get the fuck to step before i let a white bitch in a pinstripes and spats catch that lead... dig?
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