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Thursday, August 24, 2006
Been very lazy lately

And I'm sorry for not updating this past week. Next week we should be back to our not-quite-daily posts as my knee gets better. Thanks to Oliver and B.E.E. for keeping the comments alive and kicking.
So THAT'S what's "I've" means.. My fucking idiot mom told me it means I have.
yea your mom is a fucking idiot, streeter knows all
Thanks to Streeter, every once in a while I hear a word or phrase that is commonplace, but seems to make very little sense, and all I want to do is find out its roots! But due to laziness, I think I'll just wait until Streeter posts them for me.
i retract my previous statement that streeter knows got surgery on your knee not your brain you lazy scum, i cant believe i wasted precious time complimenting you when you are too lazy to put up another time i see you im gonna ram you with my golf cart...and guess who's gonna be sitting next to me while i do it? your fucking girlfriend, i met her at therapy and we bonded so take that you lazy fuck

nigga you gotta be tripping if you think for a motherfucking second that any one of them breezies in my nigga Street's stable gonna run up on some motherfucker that ain't got shit else to do but bicker about some bloggin ass bullshit. nigga come correct or take your motherfucking white ass to bed.

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I (me) like words. And even more than liking words I like to know where they come from and how they ended up in my mouth. It's called 'Etymology,' and I hope you like words as much as me do. If you have a word or phrase you've been pondering send it to me at with 'Me Like Words' as the subject.

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