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Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Lobster Newburg
Lobster in Newburg sauce served on buttered toast or rice

As a man who enjoys a good gluttonous feast now and then I know my way around Lobster Newburg. If you've never had it I can assure you that you haven't yet lived. It's chunks of lobster meat in a rich cream and sherry sauce, poured into a flaky pastry shell. It's by far one of the best meals out there because it combines two great things: lobster and high fat cream. But who or what is Newburg and how did he or it come to mean the greatest lobster dish of all?

It all started in the 1890s at a little restaurant in New York called Delmonicos. Now, aside from inventing the Delmonico steak (which is delicious), Delmonicos was at the time the best restaurant in the city and attracted a host of weathly gourmands. One such person was our hero, Ben Wenburg.

One night old Ben showed the chef how to prepare a South American dish he had eaten probably while doing whatever rich people back then did in South America. Everyone liked the dish so much it was added to the menu as Lobster Wenburg. But Wenburg had a problem; he was a huge drunk. One night, after a rowdy brawl in the restaurant, the owners decided to ban Wenburg from their restaurant forever. They also decided to ban him from their menu by simply switching around the letters in his last name: Wenburg = Newburg. And thus was born the reason that I will die at a young age of high cholesterol, Lobster Newburg.

Behold the dish that will take my life at an early age.
my nigga.. i eat at red lobster like its my church. im gonna have my motherfucking lobster.
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