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Friday, July 28, 2006
Dollar: a piece of paper money worth one dollar.

No, not the Uncle, although that is in my opinion the funniest movie ever made. I'm talking about the kind of buck you tip a terrible waitress with on a $30 check. Why does the name for a male deer mean the same thing as one dollar? I'm so glad you asked!

For about 1000 years buck has meant male deer, but you know how Americans are; we have to change everything. Flash forward to the old west, mid-19th century. Buckskins are the currency of choice among the wild men roaming the frontier. A man with a lot of skins is a wealthy one and wealthy men love to gamble. Poker was all the rage at saloons and these hunter-gamblers ate it up. Hunting and killing a deer is loads of fun, no doubt, but once you shoot the thing you need to skin it. Enter the buckskin knife.

When playing poker it is common to use a counter to keep track of who is dealing. In the old west the use of a buckskin knife as a counter became commonplace both as a counter and as a not-so-subtle reminder that cheating wasn't acceptable. When your deal is over you would literally 'pass the buck' to the next guy at the table. However, as things settled down a bit in the old west some people started to use minted silver dollars instead of buckskin knives as counters and eventually the knife fell out of use. The blade may have been gone, but the lingo that came with it lived on, so the buck came to mean the silver dollar and, later, the regular dollar. Now, who says nothing good comes from gambling?
my nigga.. how you gonna forget the ghetto interpretation of BUCK..

when you getting bucked you getting cranked, capped, popped, or just plain shot. BUCK, BUCK, what?

keep it hot. -1
Eddie Scares the shit out of me

yo you could put anonymous all the motherfucking live long day nigga but i know who the fuck you is.. for serious, i just want my nigga streeter to have some banging ass comments on this motherfucking site.. ya dig?
I know.
don't worry about me, Eddie, I'm not going anywhere just don't have a blogger account
Come on Streeter! What are you working on at work that is taking up so much of your time that you can't research a new word!? A new episode of CHTV? The new book? Have a little compassion for your daily readers here.
yea seriously streeter, stop pretending like you are sooo busy and get off the couch, turn off the tv and start giving us something to waste our time with, i mean because you dont have a new word up or and update on your blog i might be forced to study for my test tomorrow, how could you do this to me?
Jeeeezus, B.E.E., talk some sense into these crazy white folk. I've been shooting some promo videos three hours outside the city. No new CHTV yet and, while there is a new book in the works, I'm not writing it. But beware the return of CHTV, B.E.E. here might be making an appearance...
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