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Friday, June 30, 2006
Peeping Tom
Peeping Tom is a slang term for a voyeur.

Who doesn't like a little voyeurism every now and then? It's what's made reality TV so popular, after all. But a Peeping Tom is more than a casual voyeur, he's the kind of guy who watches the Big Brother webcam, waiting for someone to take a shower. Creepy? Indeed it is. But who was the Tom who inspired the phrases? It all goes back to Medieval Times. No, not the dining/entertainment establishment where knights fight each other and you eat chicken with your hands; the real Medieval Times where knights killed each other and you'd probably be too poor to afford chicken.

A local noble named Leofric, earl of Mercia and Lord of Coventry, decided he wanted to lay a heavy tax on his peasants. They were pissed because, hey, they're peasants and could barely afford to eat cabbage with their hands. Leofric's wife, the famous Lady Godiva, begged him to lift the tax and he agreed he would under one circumstance; she ride through the town stark naked on a horse."

"Fine," she said, and ordered all the townspeople to shutter their windows and not to look. The townspeople were cool with missing the show because the tax would be lifted but one pervy little tailor named Tom just couldn't resist poking his head out, or peeping if you will. The tax was lifted and Lady Godiva passed into legend for her selfless act of kindness. But the story doesn't end there.

Since Tom had seen the divine naked body of Ms. Godiva he had to be punished, but how? The Middle Ages were a cruel time and this story is no exception, he was blinded in both eyes. Lady Godiva may have been a saintly woman trying to save her peasants from tyrannical rule but take one look at her good stuff and you'll find both your eyes removed. Just ask the world's first Peeping Tom.

As shown by this very ancient Medieval woodcut, Lady Godiva did indeed have the finest chest meat in the land.
chest meat very nice with a good looking front Bottom as well I bet

nice tits and blonde pubes.
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