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Thursday, June 22, 2006
A stadium: a large structure for open-air sports or entertainments

Arena is by no means an obscure or interesting word on its own. We've all been to an arena at some point, all watched a game or band in an arena and all wondered who that chick sitting at the 50 yard line had to blow to get there. But the word Arena has been around longer than football or soccer or even Monsters of Arena Rock IV. It goes all the way back to roman times.

Romans loved nothing more than watching a good public murder. Of course, these murders were nothing more than gladiatorial fights (or lions eating Christians). The problem with killing people in an amphitheater is that people are full of fluids, like blood and urine. When you stab someone, and right before you stab someone, those fluids tend to exit the body. Not even the Roman slaves wanted to spend time scrubbing blood stains out of floorboards so they came up with ingenious method for soaking up all that blood: sand. The Latin word for sand was arena and that name has since applied to any large venue where people gather to watch competition. There may not be brutal killings going down at Giants Stadium (unless you count Jimmy Hoffa) but I will forever be indebted to the hundreds of thousands of people who died so I could write this little blog post about where the word arena comes from.
Blood and piss on your floor? Well not anymore! Introducing Sand, the revolutionary new way to soak up your victims sanguine fluids!
society has gone from watching people be forced to kill each other right in front of our face to watching a prerecording of someone pretending to kill someone, using a stunt double half the time, and getting paid more than the gross domestic product of some third world nations...i thought evolution would have made entertainment better, not lamer
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